Guiding and Interpretation

For 40 years Carlos Buhler has hiked and climbed in the majestic mountains of Western Canada. Hiking in the Canadian Rockies offers among the most beautiful and accessible mountain scenery in North America. From our two hour day hikes approaching pristine lakes, through our backpacking expeditions in rugged and wild terrain, this area will never disappoint the adventurous traveler. Let us help you design the hiking adventure that perfectly suits you, your friends and family. We use our local knowledge to design the kind of activity that fits with your energy, time and budget. We will provide you with the information that lets you choose from a simple day walk to a multi-day hiking itinerary that will leave you as mesmerized and awed as we are when we venture into these incredible mountains. Click here to visit our Altitude Journeys web page for further information. Himalayan Trekking Hiking the Snowman Trek in the Bhutanese Himalaya is an unforgettable experience. While most treks predominantly follow valley systems, this trek's central section traverses the North-South running drainages of Northwest Bhutan. The trekking is challenging, mountainous, and extremely diverse. The villages of Lhedi, Chozo and Thanza are among the highest and most remote settlements visited anywhere. My encounters with a handful of the approximately three thousand Layap and Lunap people, the semi-nomadic sheep and yak herders of the region, have captured my heart. They are simultaneously inquisitive, protective, and outgoing. Our trek encompasses the longer, seldom completed traverse, from Drugyel Dzong near Paro to Jakar village in the Bumthang District. Click here to link to our Altitude Journeys web page for further information about trekking in Bhutan To see more photos of the trekking in Bhutan, visit my web page Click Here